@Naza-M Firmware* v3.12

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@Naza-M Firmware* v3.12

Date: 2013/05/17 NAZA-M firmware version: 3.12 NAZA-M assistant software version: 2.12 NAZA-MQuick Start Guide: 1.04
  Manual Mode( user select Manual, Atti and Failsafe);
  Atti.Mode;
  GpsAtti.Mode;
  IntelligentOrientationControl(CF):Courselock/Homelock;
  EnhancedFail-Safe:Landing/gohome&landing;
  Quad-rotor I, X; Hex-rotor I, V; Y, IY; Octo-rotor X, I, V;
  CombinationStickCommandtostart;ImmediatelyModeandIntelligentModetostop;
  Remotegaintuning;
  Two-axis gimbal supported, Multi Gimbal Servo Output Frequency Supported;
  SupportNormalreceiver,D-BusPortsupportS-busandPPMreceiver;
  Voltage Monitor and Low Voltage Protection;
  4channelstransmittersupport;
  Five-level Motor Idle Speed adjustable in Motor Mixer;
  IMU Calibration function;
  Support PMU extend module, could connect with iOSD, H3-2D gimbal and Bluetooth module.
  Add Receiver Advanced Protection Function 
What’s new?
  Firmware
  Add Receiver Advanced Protection Function.
  Fix the problem of Transmitter mid point deviation and travel asymmetry. Add mid point checking when power on, if mid point 
deviation is too big, motor start fails and there is Red LED indicator to warn you.
  Optimize stop motor in Intelligent Mode, the criterion of stopping motor changes from under 40% throttle stick to under 10%.
  Software

 New UI design, simple and easy to use.

 Add Receiver Advanced Protection Function on the Basic->RC tab.
  Manual

 New Quick Start Guide, matched with the new assistant software.
 Add instruction for the corresponding function. 
  For safety reason, do not use power battery during firmware upgrade.
  Make sure reconfigure all parameters after upgrading firmware.

NAZA Product Release Notes

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