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Spektrum DX8 Programing & SPM File
Both the DX8 and DX18 (QQ) receiver & Naza MC channel connections are:
Gear = U channel
Aux1 = X1
Aux2 = X2
It makes for simple wiring.
Spektrum DX8 Heli Model Type Programming for the DJI Naza w/GPS Controller
After selecting the proper Model Memory location enter the System Setup and make the following changes:
Model Type = Helicopter
Model Name = DJINazaGPS
Swash Type = 1 servo normal (This basic swash type can be used for multirotor controllers.)
Switch Select = F Mode: Gear / Gyro: Aux2 (Everything else remains or is INH.)
F Mode Setup = Flight Mode: F Mode (Hold: remains Inhibit)
There is nothing else to perform here for this setup to function with the DJI Naza.
Exit System Setup and enter Function List and make the following changes:
Servo Setup = Travel (Gear 85%85%, Aux2 90%90%)
Reverse = Aileron, Rudder & Gear (Ail,Rud & Gear need to be Rev.)
Reversing these is based on having the channels in the DJI Naza Assistant setup all NORMAL (default) and have the sliders in the Assistant move in the proper direction.
D/R & Expo = Aileron, Elevator & Rudder Sw: changed to Sw: On and Expo (Ail & Elev Expo set to 45%45% and Rudder set to 30%) purely preference and can be changed to desired value and or D/R switches.
Timer = Spm file is set for 8min Count down on the Throttle Out Pos: 20% but this can be set to any value desired.
Now for the Mixing. First and second % values represent Rate: and the third % value represents Offset. N,1,2,H,M represent switch selection.
Mix 1 = PIT>PIT / -100%100%0% sw.pos:N,1,2,H,M (Disable the Pitch mixing connected to Aux1 channel needed for Naza X1 RX/MC connection.)
Mix 2 = KNB>PIT / 100%-100%0% sw.pos:N,1,2,H,M (Knob controls Aux1 channel needed for the X1 port on the Naza to control Remote Gain or Gimbal)
Mix 3 = AX2>AX2 / 0%100%100% sw.pos:N (This mixing is to limit Aux2 channel from moving to specific IOC position for the Naza. To be explained later)
Mix 4 = AX2>AX2 / 0%100%0% sw.pos:1 (This mixing is to limit Aux2 channel from moving to specific IOC position for the Naza. To be explained later)
Mix 5 = GER>GER / -100%100%0% sw.pos:M (To prepare the Gear ch. connected to U port of the Naza for Switch activated Failsafe on the Naza Control for Land/Return Home features.)
Mix 6 = AX3>GER / -50%0%-100% sw.pos:M
Description of the DJI Naza GPS modes with switch position. With all the radio’s front switches AWAY and top switches DOWN from you.
F Mode sw. Pos.0 = DJI Manual Mode
F Mode sw. Pos.1 = DJI Attitude Mode
F Mode sw. Pos.2 = DJI GPS Mode
Flap/Gyro sw. Pos.0 = DJI IOC Off
Flap/Gyro sw. Pos.1 = DJI IOC Course Lock Mode
Flap/Gyro sw. Pos.2 = DJI IOC Home Lock Mode
Gear sw. Pos.1 = Failsafe.
With F Mode sw. Pos.0 (Manual Mode) Flap/Gyro sw. does nothing since IOC is not active in Manual Mode.
With F Mode sw. Pos.1 (Attitude Mode) Flap/Gyro sw. Pos.1 (IOC Course Lock) is active in Attitude Mode, Home Lock not available in Attitude Mode.
With F Mode sw. Pos.2 (GPS Mode) Flap/Gyro sw.1 & 2 (IOC Course Lock & Home Lock) are both available in GPS Mode.
Toggling the Gear switch to Pos.1 will trigger the DJI Naza to go into Failsafe and depending on Flight mode, GPS reception may land or return home when in GPS Mode.
In order for the DJI Naza Failsafe system to function properly, your multirotor requires a receiver capable of Preset Failsafe. Failsafe is needed on the Gear channel connected to U port of the DJI Naza. This is important to trigger Failsafe mode when signal is lost. DJI Naza also recommends you NOT set the throttle stick in the lowest position for Failsafe as well.
To do this on the radio, while the radio is powered on disable throttle warnings and move the throttle stick over 10% and toggle the Gear Switch to activate Failsafe trigger on the Radio. Now Power Off the radio and power on your receiver in BIND Mode, once BIND Mode started remove the Bind Plug from the receiver. Then power on the radio in Bind mode.
You can test for proper failsafe with the help of the DJI Naza Assistant.

Originally Posted by Spektrum Community Download Page
DISCLAIMER Attention- Safety First!
The model setup files provided here can greatly simplify setting up complex programming in your transmitter for your favorite aircraft. Because mechanical setups can vary on some types of models, it is your responsibility to perform all pre-flight setup recommended in the product manual, ensure all controls are operating in the proper direction and within the manufacturers recommended throws. You should also take time to understand the anticipated flight characteristics for each flight mode that might be enabled.



Spektrum prevede due modalità di FAILSAFE:
SmartSafe e Preset Failsafe.
Per il Dji Naza è necessario utilizzare il Preset FailSafe.

Programmazione Preset Failsafe (per DJI Naza):
inserire lo spinotto bind nella rx, alimentare il tutto, il led arancio lampeggia.
Prima di accendere la DX8 per attivare la procedura di binding, staccare lo spinotto del bind sulla rx mentre il led lampeggia.
Con gli stick e gli interruttori nelle posizioni desiderate failsafe, associare il trasmettitore al ricevitore accendendo la dx8 tenendo premuto il pulsante traniner/bind.
Il tutto dovrebbe essere effettuato entro 15 secondi. La rx è ora programmata in FAILSAFE PRESET.
Nello specifico: per il DJI Naza prima di accendere la DX8 (CON IL LED SULLA RX LAMPEGGIANTE E SENZA SPINOTTO BINDING) lo stick del gas va alzato di un pò (> del 10%) MA SOPRATUTTO bisogna portare lo switch del failsafe in ON.

Nota: questa modalità di Failsafe “memorizza” le posizioni dello (degli) stick all’esecuzione del binding.


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