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@Naza-M Firmware* v3.12

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@Naza-M Firmware* v3.12 Date: 2013/05/17 NAZA-M firmware version: 3.12 NAZA-M assistant software version: 2.12 NAZA-MQuick Start Guide: 1.04 Functions:   Manual Mode( user select Manual, Atti and Failsafe);   Atti.Mode;   GpsAtti.Mode;   IntelligentOrientationControl(CF):Courselock/Homelock;   EnhancedFail-Safe:Landing/gohome&landing;   Quad-rotor I, X; Hex-rotor I, V; Y, IY; Octo-rotor X, I, V;   CombinationStickCommandtostart;ImmediatelyModeandIntelligentModetostop;   Remotegaintuning;   Two-axis […]

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@Naza-M Firmware* v3.10

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@Naza-M Firmware* v3.10 1. LED flashing pattern modified and added. Please refer to the latest user manual. Download here: 2. Center position of the Tx will not recorded in system initialization. Please calibrate your Tx after firmware upgrade. Some users moved the Tx stick while powering up the system, which would sent a false […]

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LiPo Battery Tray:

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Spektrum DX8 Programing & SPM File Both the DX8 and DX18 (QQ) receiver & Naza MC channel connections are: Gear = U channel Aux1 = X1 Aux2 = X2 It makes for simple wiring. Spektrum DX8 Heli Model Type Programming for the DJI Naza w/GPS Controller After selecting the proper Model Memory location enter the […]

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Inizia l’assemblaggio:

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AR8000 – NAZA

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A  > AILE E  > ELEV T  > THRO R  > RUDD U  > GEAR X1 > AUX1 X2 > AUX2 X3 > Controllo Naza (BEC)   cablaggio: Gear = U canale dji naza Aux1 = X1 dji naza Aux2 = X2 dji naza settaggi: tipo di modello = Airplane (acro) nome modello = DJI […]

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Una Wolfcraft originale…

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